Our Mission & Vision


Our Vision

To preserve and build community systems for present and future generations to come for the African and Caribbean people living in Canada

Our Mission                           
To bring awareness of cultural identity, knowledge of self, and to rebuild the family structure in the African and Caribbean Community.

Carifika Canada is where you can find, trade and access resources relating  to African and Caribbean culture.

Carifika Canada looks to have African and Caribbean businesses to own and operate their businesses in their community to have people buy from them within their own community.

To build a community that creates a network hub to secure a foundation for all people of African descent.

Carifika Canada NonProfit Team

Our Goals

Senior services

help seniors get affordable grocery services.


support our local farmers and make culturally food accessible and affordable


helps us form the minds of future generations with accessible educational tools and resources

Mental Health

help us make mental health services accessible

Business Funding

help us support small businesses with financial assistance through grants

Foster Home

help us keep families together through education and resources

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Meet our Amazing Team!

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Yuri Hutchinson

Chairman and CEO

Of Carifika Canada

Yuri Hutchinson’s story begins with being born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, as a descendant of St. Vincent of the Grenadines, raised by Caribbean born parents. Yuri’s accomplishments include a degree in Business Administration, Project  professional experiences range from Accounting, Medical Aesthetics Service Technician. 

Margarette Leandre

Interim President

Of Carifika Canada

Margarette Leandre hails from a combination of countries in the Caribbean. Born in Guyana raised in Jamaica by Haitian parents. Margarette’s education started in Jamaica, then Belize and Canada. She has accomplished obtaining her bachelor of science with a general science major and a French minor.

Stuart Salvara

Vice President and CFO

Of Carifika Canada

Stuart Salvara, originally from London, United Kingdom has been living in Canada since 2012. Stuart joined Carifika Canada last in 2018, doing his part by contributing to the positive development of the African and Caribbean community. Stuart’s serves as the Vice President and CFO with Carifika Canada. 



Of Carifika Canada

Gary Crawford

Director of Marketing

Carifika Canada

Gary Crawford is the founder of Innovative Business Radio offering branding and marketing solutions for businesses.  With over 30 years experience in the music industry and marketing solutions our company has been able to merge creative ideas offering customers a memorable customer experience in store and online. 

Shimmon Hutchinson

Director of Operations

Carifika Canada

Having completed a Social Service College diploma and currently completing a Social Work degree, Shimmon has extensive experience in schools and related programming, sport and activity focused intervention, Youth Protection, Foster Care, Adoptions and Community work.  

Jason Jackson

Director of Human Resources

Carifika Canada

As Director of Human Resources, Jason is responsible for overseeing the human resource planning functions across Carifika Canada and assisting  with volunteer and membership engagement initiatives. Jason is a member of the Human Resources Professional Association in Ontario and is actively pursuing accreditation…  

Takiyah Sobion

Director of Education

Carifika canada

Takiyah Sobion is a Child & Youth Care Worker. Takiyah has worked in the   Social Services field for over 15 years. She has extensive experience   working with various marginalized and vulnerable children, youth and   their families, focusing primarily on children with special needs to   various behavioural challenges.