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The word "cliche" comes from the French cliche, meaning a stereotype, a pattern in something. A cliche phrase is a kind of formulaic phrase that is often used in canadian writings review or writing. Although many authors recommend avoiding such cliché phrases, they help to formulate thoughts when writing an essay. But it will be better if you do not take the phrase in a ready-made form, but change it, preserving the meaning.

The use of certain cliché phrases depends on what part of the essay they are used in.

Clichés in the introduction.
In the introductory part of the essay, phrases that often begin different works can come in handy. These can be such statements: "As the author aptly notes...", "It turns out that the idea of...", "Who would have thought that...", "In this work, the author raises the problem of...". Come up with your own variations on this theme, replacing words with synonyms and changing the order of words.

Since the introduction requires you to justify the relevance of the problem raised, cliché phrases can also refer to the significance of the topic. For example, use these variations of cliché phrases: "The problem under consideration is relevant for modern society...", "This problem remains relevant for modern youth...", "It is worth reflecting on...".

Cliché phrases in the main part of the essay
The main part of the essay implies the consideration of certain arguments that will support the thesis put forward. Therefore, here you can use the classic ways of listing: "The options may be as follows...", "First, ... second, ...", "On the one hand, ... on the other hand, ...".

When it comes to the author of a particular work, cliché phrases can help to introduce him, convey his main ideas without resorting to quotations, and also to express one's attitude toward his ideas. Options might be: "The author of this work is convinced that...", "One cannot disagree with the author's opinion about...", "The author was right in his statement that...".

In the main part of the essay it is also required to give theoretical and practical arguments, referring to other authors and personal experience. The following cliché phrases will help to do this: "As the historian wrote...", "One can give this definition of the concept...", "Practice shows that...", "One can observe the following picture...".

Cliché phrases in the conclusion
Since the conclusion implies conclusions on the whole work, the most frequent phrases in it will be: "To summarize, ...", "So, the analysis showed that ...", "Thus, ...", "So, the following conclusions are induced...". Here the degree of disclosure of the problem raised is also indicated: "The problem considered remains open...", "The work managed to disclose only one aspect of the problem raised...", "The topic is fully disclosed...".

Resorting to template phrases, try not to use them too often. If your work is stuffed with clichés, the teacher may lower your grade, because the abundance of stereotypical phrases in your work suggests that you have difficulty formulating your own thoughts. This is especially true for essays of artistic orientation, where it is important to demonstrate a purely personal opinion and originality of statements.

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