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We conduct various survey’s to find out what your needs are in the community, in families, and business.


We conduct at times, one on one interviews with people in the community for many reasons, either a board or committee position or to assist you to make preparations for a job.


We appreciate feedback to help improve our systems in our organization and to be more efficient and effective to the community.

Do your job

It is your job to ensure our community safe. By joining Carifika Canada, we can be better structured and with your help we can reach to various networks to help each person of African descent


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Importance Of Membership in Carifika Canada

What is a membership?

Carifika Canada Membership is the building blocks for financial gain and future success. Membership does not make an organization function in the long run, but be rather a tool that can sustain and build an organization but to provide a foundation in the people to invest into your community. This is what can and will gain the avenues of revenue to financially strengthen Carifika Canada.

The purpose of being a member is to invest for starting up areas in this organization, to help build a data base and for further research in Caribbean and African Communities. Membership is divided up in many areas where needed but also to help compensate the initial spending to keep the organization to operate. Parts of the financial contribution through membership will go towards supporting projects and needed worthy causes to benefit membership inventiveness.  The membership will be sourced into various areas to generate revenue; one type of resource is events in this organization. Events that will take place in this organization will help to finance different programs that can be beneficial to the wider community and create more of effectiveness with the incentives for this organization.

Membership Breakdown?

Conditions of Membership

Membership shall be open to all African and Caribbean people inside and outside of this organization and any resident who has an interest of becoming a member of Carifika Canada and its City Organizations (As long as it meets C.C. criteria and standards). The membership shall be determined by the Financial Committee of this organization. The City Organization(s) will also have their own financial committee from which they will receive instructions from Carifika Canada.

Membership has to be paid in the beginning of the month of January 2nd of that year. The membership paid for the year will be counted for that year. The end of the year reports would not reflect the next year’s membership.

Classes and Terms of Membership

Subject to the articles, there shall be two classes of members in the Corporation, namely, Class A members and Class B members. The board of directors of the Corporation may, by resolution, approve the admission of the members of the Corporation. Members may also be admitted in such other manner as may be prescribed by the board by ordinary resolution. The following conditions of membership shall apply:

Class A: Individual Membership

Class B: Business Membership

Class A (Annual Dues) and Class B Membership fee is determined by the Executive Board of Directors that establish a committee and then presented in the general meeting to its members for the next year. Each membership increases by 10% per year.

Business Information?

Sign Up Your Business with us

At Carifika Canada we look at your Business like our own. The time and patience from where you want your business to be, is what we envision with you.

Signing up your business with us gives you the opportunity to be part of our network for people to access and for you to provide your service to gain more revenue

Carifika Canada also has set up a sales component in which we market and advertise your company. We sell your service to people and other businesses inside and outside of the African-Caribbean Community!

We understand doing day to day business can be hard and while setting up your business may take a while, Carifika Canada has a new and innovative way in getting your business off the ground in no time!



Will I receive a receipt for my contribution?

Yes we can give out a receipt for your contribution, although we are not a charity to give you a taxable one.

Can I purchase an additional premium item?

Carifika Canada’s goal is to build an actual community for when you either live in your city or emigrate to Canada to a city, we can best navigate you to where you want to go. Carifika Canada is not just an organization, it has key fundamental strategies and governance to provide to the community for better structure and security.

How can I cancel my online donation?

Carifika Canada is an economic system in which we have five pillars in which we use to help/service the community. These pillars are: Education, Business, Partnership, Central Hub, and Services. We have a multitude of key areas to give you whatever you need to help you get on your way.

Membership in an Organization

Membership is key in Carifika Canada and is the starting point for an organization to mobilize and to be organized

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