Hello! Do you want to know what are we doing?


Mental Health

help us make mental health services accessible


support our local farmers and make culturally food accessible and affordable


 helps us form the minds of future generations with accessible educational tools and resources

Senior services

help seniors get affordable grocery services.

Business Funding

help us support small businesses with financial assistance through grants

Foster House

help us keep families together through education and resources

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I become a member?

How can I become a member? There are 4 different memberships to choose from including: youth, student, adult, senior. Click here to sign up today. 

How can I help your organization?

How can I volunteer? There are different ways to volunteer such as using your time, expertise or resources to help us build our community. Email us at hr@carifikacanada.org to learn more.

How can I help black businesses?

How can you help my business? We offer customized packages to suit your business needs. Email our Sales Director at vbenjamin@carifikacanada.org for more information


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